Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Client will receive up to one hour of legal consultation for payment of $250.00
  2. If one hour is not needed and only a portion of the one hour is used there is no refund for time not used.
  3. There is no refund if client fails to appear for the meeting and fails to reschedule in advance.
  4. Attorney is selling his time and booking an appointment prevents attorney from selling that time to another. Therefore, no refund is provided if Client books an appointment for a type of issue that Attorney cannot provide advise. Client should only book an appointment fo legal issues that include both of the following:
    1. A criminal case – a case in which you have been charged with a crime or believe you may be charged with a crime.
    2. Located in Tennessee.
  5. Once the one hour consultation is concluded additional fees will be required for attorney to continue as client’s attorney. The additional fee will be a flat rate fee and that amount will depend on the severity of the case, amount of time Attorney estimates the case will take, and the location of the case.
  6. Client understands that any advise given by Attorney about likely outcomes of a case are only educated guesses based upon Attorney’s experience and that Attorney cannot and does not make any guarantee or promises about the outcome of final result of any case.